Sunday, 19 April 2015

Questions about God

Lately we have been going to church and I go to Sunday school where I listen to stories about God from the 'church book' and then do some colouring in. I like it. So does mummy. She feels like good things come to those that go to Church. Maybe. Maybe not.

But it has made me wonder about a few things. Who is God? Where does he live? How can he be everywhere at one time? Those kind of things. 

Today I asked mummy "how can God protect us if he hasn't met us before? He's never even been round for tea!" 

To which mummy replied "ask Babcha." Nana you may have to pre warn your mum that I have plenty of questions for her. 

Anyway, that wasn't going to get in the way of the amount of ironing I had to do this afternoon. Come 7pm I'm on strike! (That's what Granma would say...)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bocketts Farm

I has a lovely day in the spring sunshine with Maya and her mummy and daddy and my mummy too. Daddy was in London organising the flat as we're going to sell it. I have already put in a request to buy a big pink house with two swings in the garden. I'm a little bit confused as to why we are buying a new house and asked mummy if it's because she didn't like the house we were in. It's all very confusing and I've not quite got my head around it! 
Today I went to the park with daddy then I went to the farm and I was so confident at feeding the animals. I also stroked a pig. Who would have thought I could love animals so much after being so frightened at one point. We saw some newborn lambs and even a pig race! We jumped on the trampoline for ages and went down the slide. I am so confident in these places as long as I have a friend by my side. 
I'm going to sleep well tonight. (Here's hoping!) 
Big love 
Elsie xx