Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Cat

Nana took me to the local kids Christmas party and she ended up totally clearing up on the raffle prizes! Get in Nana! 

I had an amazing time and I'm loving all these Christmas festivities!

Love you lots Nana x


Meeting Santa

Mummy took me and Elijah and Matilda to Bocketts Farm where Santa has a holiday home.

I was very funny when I met him. I introduced my self very confidently as 'Elsie Eyre', showed him the shoes I was wearing today, and made sure he knew my requests for Christmas - a pink suitcase, pink flip flops and a blue dress. Elijah very humbly requested a 'toothbrush' but I was sure to let Santa know it was specifically a Gruffalo one.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas NCT crew get together

What started wih a sophisticated(ish) meal at pizza express ended up in a riot back at mine...

The mums 

The dads 

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Yesterday I visited Ruth and Imogen in Chatham. We played really nicely together, mummy said that was lovely to see. 
Here we are attempting to seem angelic...


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Eye eye captain!

Yesterday Nana took me for a routine eye appointment in London. Our appointment was at 915 so we got on the busy train with the rest of Surrey and made our way to Moorfields. We were there for hours but I was such a good girl and the doctor said my eyes were much better and my squint is going away on its own. 
We then went for sausage and chips followed by an afternoon at the science museum! What an adventure! 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Chicken and chips

Granma and Grampa have been looking after me this week as Nana is on her holidays. 
Today we went to a toddler group, then went to the pub for some chicken and chips and then we saw my 2nd-cousins-twice-removed Harry and Freddie and apparently I played like an angel!
G&G should come and stay more often it's a RIOT! 
We also wrote a letter to santa and sent it in the post. I asked him for a pink suitcase and a blue dress. If I've been good mummy says I've got a strong chance of getting them! Christmas is soooooooo exciting!
Elsie xx

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Elsie 0 - 3

(It's a 12 minute video, you may want to make a cup of tea. Or fast forward to 9 minutes, as the newest stuff is here)


Peace Family Portrait

From the left: Grampa, Granma, Goggo and Amy. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I loved looking at all the autumn leaves and playing hide and seek behind trees (and bins) in the park this afternoon. 

See if you can see me...

Mummy just found this video of me and Grampa


For some reason she thinks it's the cutest thing!

I can be cute sometimes.



Saturday, 15 November 2014

Visiting my roots

It was lovely to see Imogen and Edie again in Chatham - we haven't been back for ages. 
Imogen and me are more similar than our mummies ever thought. Loud, bossy and giggly! We had such a lovely time. I even told Imogen she was my best friend.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Makeup and Grommets

Today I mixed lipgloss and eyeshadow together to create a paste that mummy can only describe as 'pink tar'. I painted my body with it and ran around the house making sure to leave my mark. 

Mummy put me in the bath to get it off. Shower gel clearly didn't work. Neither did fairy liquid. Oven cleaner however seemed to get the worst of it off. 

As for the bath... That will remain pink for sometime I think. 

I then went to the doctors to check if my operation had gone to plan. Everything looked great and I had a hearing test and for the first time ever I actually passed it! So no more whispering people... I can hear EVERYTHING!! 

Quick stop in tesco where I like to lie next to bunny in the 'twin baby seat' trolley. I get some funny looks but it keeps me happy and let's mummy get on with her boring tesco shopping. 

I'm sooooo excited to be picked up at Nursery by Granma and Grampa tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeek! Xxx


Tonight I was loving the fact that the display was done in time with my frozen song! Let it go... Let it go.... BEST EVER!

I got on the tea cup with some other little children and straight away introduced myself as 'Elsie eyre' then offered up a high five!

Watching the fireworks on daddy's shoulders 

Look! They spell PEACE!